Reexperience Bitmap Brothers’ cult classic 16 Bit platformer in shiny new 3D graphics and brilliant sound.

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In cooperation with Mike Montgomery, owner of The Bitmap Brothers, and Sound of Games, we developed a remastered version of the legendary Amiga/Atari ST game GODS. While the original gameplay and levels have been preserved very accurately, the new version features more state of the art HD looks based on a complete 3D based refurbishment, lighting effects and an extraordinary new v. Even if you prefer to revisit the game in all its original pixel glory you can have a go with this version, even play it with a much smoother framerate than the 16Bit game of up to 60FPS!


GODS Remastered was released on Dec 4, 2018 on Xbox One/Windows 10 and Steam, followed by PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 29, 2019.


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The original game is already more than 25 years old. Things have changed quite a bit since it's release and there are some features of the game you would expect to look or behave differently nowadays. However, we kept most of them intact like you would do when e.g. refurbishing an oldtimer car. To address this and also other questions you might have, we have added this Q&A section. Please check the answers here before you contact the support at


Q: Is this an officially licensed product or just a fan project?

A: GODS Remastered is officially licensed by The Bitmap Brothers owner Mike Montgomery, who also supported the development. However, as I played the game a lot on my Atari ST back in the days, looking at the effort that went into this game I would say it's at least 50% a fan project as well ;)


Q: On which platforms will the game be released?

A: The game has been released on Xbox One, PC/Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and is available via the respective stores (links above) as a digital download. There are also plans to release a mobile version for iOS and Android, but there are no release dates available yet.


Q: Where can I find the latest news about the game?

A: The most up to date info can be found on our facebook page. The page also functions as a development blog covering the whole process and progress of the project. If you're interested in how everything came together you should have a look there.


Q: Where is the "Into the wonderful" music?

A: We know that many people remember the iconic music and we tried to get it or rather a remixed/modernized version of it into the game. However, the music was originally already licensed and couldn't be part of the license deal for the game. Music licensing is a very complex business and unfortunately the music publisher didn't show any interest in pursuing this opportunity so we had to come up with an alternative, that was not a cover version but keeps the spirit alive.


Q: What are the differences between the Amiga original and this version?

A: Apart from the title music and screen we tried to reproduce the original as accurately as possible. This includes all of the original level designs, graphics and sound effects. However, we improved the controls that were made for a one button joystick originally. Also, the framerate of the game has been brought up from just ~17FPS to constant 60FPS, which results in much smoother movements of all the sprites and the scrolling throughout the game. On top of that we developed a 3D mode that uses 3D models for the graphics and supports dynamic lighting and shadows, completed by an amazing and all new ingame soundtrack.


Q: Sometimes I lose items from the inventory during the game! What's going on?

A: Well, that's one of the rather out-dated mechanics I talked about. At some points the game checks for certain items in your inventory and removes them if they would spoil the level design or balancing otherwise. This includes for example the star burst weapon at boss fights or the time bomb weapon. The player doesn't get notified in all of these cases.


Q: The shop behaves strange at times, I don't have to spend money when I buy a weapon as a replacement for an existing one!

A: This is intentional behaviour. When you replace a weapon, you get a refund for the old one, depending on the power level. This is not animated/communicated, you only get the money so this may appear as if you haven't spent anything.


Q: What does the "big shield" item do? I don't see any effect!

A: When you buy this item, the damage monsters do to you gets reduced a bit. The effect lasts until the end of the next world.


Q: Why doesn't the 3D mode look like the latest AAA console game?

A: Here are multiple things to keep in mind:

  • To make the graphics switchable at all times, the new looks must follow 1:1 the old animation and movement patterns. To some extent this limits the possibilities quite heavily when it comes to animation timing for example.
  • The level and game design only works in orthographic camera perspective. In many old 2D games a lot of "tricks" went unnoticed but would ruin the experience in a more detailed/perspective style, for example weapons flying in front of the walls.
  • This game was developed as a one man show, only supported by Sound of Games for the audio.


Q: Can I play the game unlimited times in a row while keeping lives and score?

A: You can play the game up to 3 times in a row with increasing difficulty. We've limited it there since the difficulty level doesn't change anymore from then on (in the original), which makes it a bit pointless. However, on supported platforms you get an achievment/trophy for doing so.


Q: Will there be a physical release of the game?

A: As of now there's only a digital release planned. A physical product will only happen if there's going to be a publisher that is willing to take care of that, as a launch of such a product is a totally different story in terms of financial risk and production effort. I wouldn't rule it out though, but just can't make any definitive statement on that matter yet.



If you're stuck in the game or need help with another problem, please check the FAQ first. If you need help unlocking secrets or finding hidden treasures, please don't ask here, because we don't want to spoil your experience ;) Maybe YouTube might be of help in that case...

If your encounter any technical problems or bugs, please contact

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GODS Remastered
GODS Remastered